Why Design?

Landscaping can be a fun and exciting line of work, and I have enjoyed working in this industry. I think the first day I ever worked in landscaping I was yanking out large juniper shrubs with a stout chain and an old pickup. I was hired on for a week at a landscaping company during spring break; as temporary labor; and nearly ten years later I’m still at it. Every day it was something new, something different. Every yard we put together was a unique and different challenge.

I learned quickly why each yard was so unique and fun, and it was because I had stumbled into a landscape design company, not a landscape company. Most people may not recognize the difference between the two types of company, but I did. After working for a few months in the industry it became easy to identify professionally designed yards.

Professionally designed yards are different. They tend to be better thought out, with good use of space. There is a cohesive style and layout, with unique touches that pop, and subtle foundational elements that add depth and structure. Good designers add a special touch to a yard that is part science, part art, and part intuition.

When the opportunity arose to create a new landscaping company I knew that it had to be a design company. Fortunately a founding member of the company is an amazing designer with a degree from Texas A&M (ranked 7th nationally for their Landscape Architecture program). I continue to work on fun unique yards in an industry that I have grown to love.

- Andrew