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We offer several attractive water features for landscape design. Some are suitable for a small garden and some are more suited for a large yard. Bracken Design’s contractor experts can help you decide what’s best for your home today.

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Bracken Design offers a variety of water landscape features for any type of backyard. Call us today to discuss your home’s new outdoor look and feel at 512-730-1179 or see our gallery of recent projects.

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Pond-less Recirculating Water Features

Pond-less recirculating water features are small waterfalls that don’t have any standing water. They are often created with stones and plants to simulate a natural waterfall. Another style is a small spray of water over attractively placed stones creating a cool ambiance with the relaxing sound of falling water. Sometimes, the circulating water slips quietly over a series of artfully arranged stone steps or gently overflows a stone or ceramic basin. They add the gentle sound of falling water without the responsibility of caring for a pond.

Ceramic Pots with Cascading Water

Ceramic pots with cascading are suitable for a large or small garden. The pots can be filled with attractive stones and the water overflows into the catchment basin. It’s a good centerpiece for a rock garden. Even when the feature is not running, the colorful pot remains a design focal point in a yard.

Natural Waterfall Cascades

Waterfalls in the garden can be a gentle trickle to sooth the atmosphere or thundering falls to drown out noises. Large natural waterfalls turn a ho-hum swimming pool into a gorgeous swimming pool. Add colorful lights at night and it turns magical. Without a swimming pool, rocks, plants and water can be combined to create many different styles of waterfalls for any type of garden. There’s nothing like the sound of water falling to sooth ragged nerves.

Artificial Ponds with Aquatic Vegetation

A garden pond adds enormous appeal in any garden. It can be large or small, have a waterfall or fountain and be very simple or very dramatic. Set below ground and planted with appropriate aquatic plants, they become a natural focal point in a yard. The plants make the pond a small ecosystem and will attract dragonflies and butterflies among other things. It’s important to have the right plants to reduce maintenance and create a native, natural space easy to enjoy.

Artificial Streams

Streams are an intriguing water feature because they add constant movement and change. They can be lazy and bubbling or have a swift current, suitable for sailing paper boats. Streams are created to look natural with small cascades, rock features and plants.

Formal Fountains

Formal fountains are a centerpiece in any garden. They are not meant to look natural and often have a classical design. Just as formal fountains are found in the great gardens of the world, they can also grace a simple backyard. Formal fountains can be replicas of famous fountains or fountains from antiquity. They can also be more modern such as a standing rock feature that has water running down the sides.

Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools add an elegant touch to a yard. They reflect flowers in a garden, trees, buildings, or simply the sky. They are usually fairly shallow and are often used as focal feature in a courtyard. They can have stepping stones that allow people to cross over the water and they can even have small aquatic plants to add to the depth. They can be symmetric or asymmetric and are a great way to use space in a garden to reduce upkeep.

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Garden fountains and other water features are available in Austin by Bracken Design, LLC. Contact us today to get started on your new home project.

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Landscape Lighting Also Provided by Bracken Design

We Make Lighting Work

Lighting can enhance landscaping, and extend the beauty of your yard into the twilight hours. Landscape lighting invites people to explore otherwise hidden nooks of a yard. It highlights features, enhances your home’s architecture, extends the use of a yard on short winter days, and illuminates our old, beautiful oaks. Some lights highlight walking paths, while others shine on a tree or flowers. Lights can prevent people from going off a path and trampling on vegetation. Lighting can even illuminate a water fountain from within. Lights can truly have a tremendous impact on landscaping, and the price can be affordable.