Patio and Deck Landscape Design in Austin, Texas

When you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor living space, let Bracken Design help you make it more attractive and functional. You may not know where to start, but a local Austin landscape design company can help you design the patio of your dreams. Bracken Design not only has experience, but is passionate about outdoor living spaces.

Bracken Design Sets Your Yard’s Tone

If you prefer stained concrete, natural stone, or an engineered composite, choosing the right material, in the right style, will impact how much you love and use your outdoor space.

An outdoor living space is more than a flat area for our furniture and accessories. It is an outdoor extension of your home. There are hundreds of options and combinations to choose from to create your perfect patio space. At Bracken Design we help you chose the right materials and right style to fit your home, your property, and more importantly you.

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Custom Private and Secluded Outdoor Patios & Decks

Whether you live in the heart of Austin or in Westlake Hills, you may want more privacy on your patio. If areas of the deck are visible from the road, then a custom fence, beautifully planted trellis or a living wall made of fast-growing shrubs can give you the privacy you need. You may decide to shield the outdoor living space from neighbors by building a pergola or arbor and then closing off one side. It’s important to consider privacy as the space is designed so that you can put the appropriate structures or landscaping in to keep your space intimate and secluded.

Round Rock, TX Patio and Deck Contractors

A patio that sits at one level all the way across can start to feel boring. Bracken’s creative landscape contractors can create a luxurious feel by adding:

As we plan your perfect Austin home landscaping, Bracken Design will remember to vary the height by incorporating decorative trees, larger shade trees and shorter plants. We will create an interesting outdoor space space that you’ll never grow tired of.

Patio Design is More with Color

A beautiful patio and comfortable furniture is only part of the outdoor living space. The landscaping around the patio is often just as important. Appropriate plantings help define the patio space by establishing boundaries, providing a backdrop, and adding visual interest. Bracken Design considers the space beyond your hardscaping and deck and works to surround your home with a beautiful landscape that suits your style and adds beauty to the overall space. Whether you choose an expansive area of green grass bordered by a few flower beds or want to turn the entire yard into one magnificent garden, your patio will be more enjoyable when you invest in the surrounding landscaping design.

Landscapers in Austin – Westlake & More

In addition to considering the overall appearance of your new deck and landscape, Bracken Design also takes time to consider your maintenance needs and your budget. While some natural stone costs more to install, it costs far less to maintain and lasts longer than wood or other materials. The right landscape will add visual appeal while also fitting into your lifestyle in terms of maintenance needs. Our professional contractors can help you weigh the pros and cons of different accessories, features and building materials.

Bracken Design is committed to creating a look that fits your Austin home perfectly and will be a source of joy for years to come.

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