Lawns & Planting Beds: Landscape in Austin, Texas

The interior of a home welcomes friends and family to a restful haven at the end of a day, and owners usually choose a décor that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Expressing personal preferences through architecture and interior decorating allows homeowners to establish a style that is uniquely their own. While furnishing the interior of a home is essential, the outdoor area is visible to more people than those who live in or visit a home. Lawns and planting beds accent the façade of a residence by featuring nature’s colors and textures.

Developing Your Beautiful, Custom Home Lawn in Round Rock

Grass is a durable and common plant that serves many functions for a home. A healthy lawn is both beautiful, and functional. The right grass provides a green welcome mat during the growing season. Grass helps keep your yard cool, absorbs excessive water from heavy rain, keeps topsoil from eroding, and makes your yard a pleasant place to walk. Choosing a grass that is suitable for varying conditions and locations in Texas can make a difference in its performance. Watering grass deeply and over appropriate intervals helps it tolerate dry conditions.

Planning and designing a lawn requires consideration of sunlight, maintenance, drainage and soil conditions. Improving the quality of soil can help grasses thrive, and it can conserve water as well. Accenting grassy areas with indigenous plants, ground covers and vegetation that is drought tolerant enhances the appearance of a yard.

Artificial lawns are also provided by Bracken Design.

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Feature Colorful Plant Beds in Your Yard

Plant beds provide a focal point on beautiful areas of a lawn while obscuring those that are less attractive. Hiding a fire hydrant or a tool shed with flowering shrubs or mass plantings helps blend unwanted or unsightly elements into the landscape. Lining a driveway with flower beds softens the appearance of the hard surface and gives it an aesthetic appeal. Any area that needs a splash of color can benefit from the use of colorful planting beds.

Using plants that produce the same type and color of flowers is a dramatic way to accent a lawn. Massive plantings of one kind of flowering plant can create a solid blanket of color that is strikingly beautiful. Replacing plants in flower beds as the colors wane allows homeowners to maintain a constant source of beauty throughout the growing season. Flowering plants bloom at different times of the year, and choosing those that display a brilliant show of color makes a lawn look new and well-tended in spring, summer and fall.

Custom Dry Creek Beds by Austin’s Contractors

Opportunities to accent a home’s façade can occur in some unusual places that provide unexpected benefits. A dry creek bed can appear as an eyesore or as a beautiful highlight. Located in swales at the lowest point in a landscape, a dry creek bed is a natural destination for runoff. Effective drainage is essential for preventing erosion, and it protects the structural integrity of residences. Standing water can invade the foundation of homes, weakening it and causing expansion and contraction.

Austin’s landscape contractors’ designs for dry creek beds often use rocks and small boulders that blend well with the landscape while creating a natural appearance. Installed correctly, a dry creek bed can be a highlight in your yard. Plants can accent the beauty of a dry creek bed by providing a contrast between natural stone and greenery.

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Real estate agents agree that creative landscape designs improve the value of a home, but homeowners get more than that from having a beautiful lawn. An attractive yard reflects well on the taste and sophistication of the owner, and it provides a welcoming presence to family and friends. Bracken Design can make that happen. Contact us today and get started.