Drainage Improvements for Texas Landscapes

Landscaping that is done well can be a welcome addition to your home in Austin or Round Rock. At the same time, there are challenges and obstacles in terms of making landscaping work in a hill country community like Westlake or any other place in Texas with interesting topography. When working with landscaping, we keep local conditions and microclimates in mind.

Bracken Design Improves Landscapes: Drains that Work

A yard can be enhanced tremendously when drains are used effectively and our contractors know that. We specialize in French Drains and Dry Creek Beds for drainage improvement, ideal for a yard that has a problem with accumulating too much water.

A French drain is a specialized trench that receives water from the ground and surface. After it has been received, it redirects the water to another area – rain garden, drainage pipe or drainage pond.

Most drain lines are similar to a French drain but redirects the water underground, while allowing the water to settle into the earth naturally. The purpose of it is to move water away from a building or yard and redirect it to a new location.

A rain garden is designed to receive water and hold it in the area in which that garden is located. Bracken Design offers this solution for places that see frequent runoff. Homeowners can plant vegetation around a rain garden to make it look pleasant to the eye. Ground cover can reduce the possibility of erosion around drains. Not only that, but ground cover has been shown to be resilient when drought comes.

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Resilient, Drought Tolerant Yards in Austin/Round Rock

Droughts occur, Bracken Design knows that. When it comes, it is valuable to have landscaping that can outlast periods of dryness. Our landscape contractors help you consider your options for a drought tolerant yard.
Several options include:


Drought Resistant Grass & Artificial Lawns

Grass has always been a popular staple in landscaping. As drought conditions continue new grass varieties have appeared to keep your lawn green. There are a number of grasses that are resistant to drought beyond the regular Bermuda. Ask is about new Discovery Bermuda, it not only resists drought, but need to be mowed half as much as a vanila bermuda variety. Or try one of the specialized varieties of Zoysia, they are becoming the most popular grasses in Central Texas.

The best way to save on water is to remove the overall amount of grass and landscape with drought tolerant plants instead. A good design uses less grass, allowing for a lush area of lawn without breaking the bank on water bills.

The fact of the matter is that landscaping matters. It can draw positive or negative attention to residence. Landscaping takes time and effort to do, but the results are certainly worth the investment.

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