Outdoor Kitchens by Austin’s Bracken Design

If you love entertaining on your patio, consider investing in a glorious outdoor kitchen or a functional bar. Austin’s landscape designers can create a space that is worthy of any interior room while still allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory.

We Create More than a Kitchen or Bar

Whether you’re installing a new kitchen or building a nice little bar, we will incorporate overhead structures for shade and protection from the weather. There are several benefits to adding a structure when making the investment in your outdoor living space.
Along with your custom bar or kitchen area, we can add:

A newly designed outdoor area for serving guests will call for appliances, then you’ll appreciate knowing that they’re better protected from rain and sun with Bracken Design’s custom built yard area. Your new cooking space will look more impressive and be more enjoyable when it’s situated below an arbor, pergola or even a colorful umbrella.

Landscape Designers Consider the Logistics for You

When it comes to designing your new outdoor kitchen/bar area, there are a couple things to consider. Our expert designers and contractors will always keep safety and functionality in mind with:

These are all questions the professional designers at Bracken Design can help you with. We will advise you on distance requirement for major appliances, how best to light structures and if there are any safety concerns. Above all, we’ll provide you with invaluable advice regarding color schemes, overall design, and traffic flow.

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Home Yard Architectural Integration: Westlake & More

The most attractive outdoor living spaces add style and value to the homes they’re attached to. They add interest to the patio while also becoming an asset to the home. This requires blending the architectural designs together. This can be challenging for the average homeowner not highly experienced in landscape design or construction. However, it’s simple for a company specializing in this service. At Bracken Design, we consider the angles and lines of your home, finishing style and the existing colors when helping you design your new outdoor kitchen or bar.

Your new patio will be enjoyable, attractive, and functional. With custom kitchens or bars, Bracken Design also works to create areas for seating, dining or just relaxing around the fire. You may not know all of the little ins and outs to consider, but a landscape design company can help you create a functional space that meets all of your needs. Call us today and being to transform your backyard.

Unique Bar Designs in Round Rock & Austin, Texas

An outdoor kitchen or bar is a major investment in your home. You want to look fantastic; it should be a source of pride and joy. Rather than trying to handle the design on your own, trust the professionals at Bracken Design, LLC to work closely with you. We’ll help you design spaces that meet your needs of today and can grow with you in the future. We’ll take your maintenance requirements into account to develop the right area for you. The result can be a stunning outdoor space that is an asset to your home and will provide you with countless evenings of entertainment and enjoyment.

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