Why I’m a Landscape Designer

Growing up, I always had a fondness for piecing things together, whether it was jigsaw puzzles, my mountains of legos, or just the arrangement of furniture in my room. I believed everything should be approached with a general design in mind. Things seem to work better for me that way.

I would spend time outdoors with my parents as they tended to our yard and saw the joy/pride they took from maintaining a nice environment for our family. Through them, I inherited a love for the outdoors and how a home is not just limited to what’s inside 4 walls and a roof.

After several art and computer courses in high school and looking into the profession of Architecture, I knew I wanted to pursue a path where I would be allowed to piece things together for a living.

I spent 5 years at Texas A&M University studying Landscape Architecture where I spent many hours in design studios and grew my passion for creating outdoor environments. I especially took a liking to residential design when we were presented with various scenarios of clients with specific needs and desires for their yard.

After graduating in 2011, I pursued this interest of mine and started working for a local landscape design company where I got the opportunity to work the same variety of people in the Austin area. At the same time, I grew my skills/knowledge of working with native and adapted plants in our region while providing designs that address the needs of the home-owner and provide an outdoor living space that is an extension of his/her home.

The interaction with clients is a big reason why I have stayed with the profession. I find it rewarding when presenting each person with a picture of what they had in their mind on a piece of paper.

I believe the yard should be designed with an overall idea. It should capture the needs and personality of the client. I like to treat every yard as it were my own because I know the pride that a person can take from a well-designed and maintained yard. I learned this value growing up and work hard to pass this same quality along to each person I meet along the way.