Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits in Austin, TX

Few pleasures are simpler than gathering around a backyard fireplace or fire pit to relax in the warm glow of dancing flames underneath Texas’ evening stars. As more and more people opt to take their living spaces outdoors, custom designed fireplaces or fire pits have become one of the most sought after structures in landscape design. Whether roasting s’mores with the kids or conversing late into the night over cocktails, a crackling fire will enhance your quality social time spent with family and friends.

Custom Fire Pit Design in Westlake & Other Austin Areas

Fire pits are characterized as the center of a conversational setting. They may be round, square or octagonal in shape, and they are surrounded on all sides by seating. This inviting arrangement encourages groups to gather around for a chat over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Fire pits are often designed with a wide rim on which to set a glass or a dessert plate. Some fire pits incorporate bench seating as part of the design, and other fire pits enable the homeowner to add his or her own arrangement of chairs and benches around them. Fire pits may be sunken into the patio floor, or they may sit at ground level with their wall extending upward.

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Outdoor fireplaces are focal points of any outdoor living space. They typically flank a wall, an edge of the conversational area or a corner, with seating arranged along the front of the flaming hearth. Outdoor fireplaces are constructed of stunning brick or stone, and the overall design can range from cottage charm to Old World elegance to modern extravagance. The design structure may incorporate a bench and cocktail or end table into the surround. Charming accents, such as spaces for candle sconces for additional mood lighting and a storage space for logs, may also be added to the overall design.

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When designing your outdoor fireplace or fire pit, consideration must be given to your other outdoor structures and activities. You may enjoy the glow of a fireplace positioned within view of the swimming pool or hot tub. The fireplace or pit’s façade and surround will be designed to flow and become one with the surround design of these structures for a complete spa feel. You may entertain friends every weekend with cocktails, dinner and socializing.

Our outdoor contractors can create a scenic area that welcomes guests to relax. This can be designed as an additional patio expansion, or as a detached patio space that is designated as a conversation pit. If the fire pit is located on a large patio, a matching accent wall around the seating arrangement will define the area. Locating the fireplace or fire pit near a bubbling koi pond and surrounded with lush flora creates an exotic escape where you can wile away a lazy Sunday morning.

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Visually Appealing Designs: Texas Fireplace & Fire Pit Contractors

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are constructed with durable materials that can withstand the elements and the flames. The visible structure utilizes a masonry design to compliment the home’s exterior and the patio surround design. Brick, stacked stone, and flagstones are all popular choices that will endure. Decorative stonework or iron scrollwork can be used to infuse an ornate finishing touch. When our construction is complete, the fireplace or fire pit will fit the backyard’s overall design. The rest is up to the homeowner, as he or she embellishes the surrounding spaces with personal design touches, such potted plants, whimsical statuary and brightly colored seating pillows.

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In our climate, a fire pit can be utilized all year long. Even in warmer weather the sound and light of crackling flames is inviting and pleasant. In cooler weather it will become a gathering point for your outdoor entertaining. In the quest to spend more time outdoors, a fireplace or fire pit will quickly become everyone’s favorite spot to relax, unwind and enjoy life.